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Cleaner Cooking Local Innovation Hubs

New global context: need for local innovation and reliable, closer supply chains.
The pandemic has taught us the risk that distant supply chains hold for us. Global imbalances
in production and supply resulted from territorial ‘lockdowns’, re-openings at different
times, price hikes, increased transport and diesel costs, as well as issues with ocean freight.
Under such circumstances, people revert to using what is available locally to meet their daily
requirements. The benefits of shorter supply chains, that can foster local innovation and
ingenuity, became more obvious in the last couple of years, particularly for vital needs such as cooking energy security and safety.

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Masera, O., Karve, P., Roth, C., Fox, C. (2022). Cleaner Cooking Local Innovation Hubs for a new global context. Cleaner Cooking Coalition.​

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