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Signatories of this Declaration share an ambition for working towards universal access to sustainable energy for cooking and other household needs. Each signatory is asked to make a contribution to the collective, committing to help to realise the Declaration's ambition and to build relationships with the full range of stakeholders, institutions, and disciplines necessary to achieve this goal.

Reinforcing our Commitment

With a goal of universal access to sustainable energy for cooking and other household needs, in 2019 at our Pathways to Clean Cooking Conference in Wexford, Ireland we came up with a Declaration as a statement of our intent. 

Wexford Declaration - Leaving No-One Behind



​Irish Forum for Global Health, Ireland
Solid Biofuel Group, Mexico
Hestian Innovation, Malawi
GIRA, Mexico
TECA Stoves Mexico
NYDE, Mexico
PowerUp, Nigeria
Redes AC, Mexico
Prolenha, Brazil
Ecofogão, Brazil
Wood Heat Organisation, Canada
UDYAMA, Orissa, India
Nexleaf Analytics, USA
FARO, Peru
Ryan Institute NUIG, Ireland
Inyenyeri, Rwanda & USA
Corporación Semillas de Agua, Columbia​
Bioenergy Network, Mexico
Sunfire Energy, Malawi
The Beam Magazine, Germany
BURN Stoves Kenya
Indian Network on Ethics & Climate Change, India
Prime Cookstoves, Indonesia
Microsol, France
Mimi Moto B.V., Netherlands
Dziwani Investments, Malawi
Gram Swaraj, Odisha, India
Otago PTE Ltd., Singapore
Khmer Green Charcoal Ltd, Cambodia
The Energy Action Project, France
Project Gaia Inc, USA
Vitalite Group, Zambia
Instituto Perene, Brazil
​Gaia Clean Energy, Ethiopia
Project Gaia Prospects, Nigeria
Proyecto Mirador, Honduras
Cool Effect, USA
Conscientización Socioecologica, Mexico
Colectivo PermaneSer, Mexico
Vita, Ireland
Brighter Communities, Ireland
Inkawasi Soluciones SAC, Peru
Seed the Change | He Kākano Hāpai, New Zealand | Aotearoa
Sun24 Inc., USA
Juntos Energy Solutions, USA
Industrias Falcon, El Salvador
energypedia UG, Germany
Community And Family Aid Foundation, Ghana
E-Moto Limited, Kenya
​Horse Power Ventures, Kenya
Grupo de Saneamento de Bilibiza, Mozambique 
Stoveteam, USA 
Burn Design Lab, USA
Emerging Cooking Solutions (Supamoto), Zambia



Christa Roth, Food & Fuel Germany
Dr. Priya Karve, Samuchit, India
Dr. Tami Bond, Colorado University
Dr. Omar Masera, UNAM
Juan Tinoco - Bioenergy Network, Mexico
Dr Victor Ruiz, Biomass Cookstove Innovation and Evaluation Centre, UNAM
Dr Marta Astier, UNAM
Saraí Ramos Vargas, Institute of Ecology & Sustainability, UNAM
Jorge Emigdio Sánchez Pólito, UNAM
Julio Sacramento, Bioenergy Network, Mexico
Luis Barahona, Centre Scientific Research Yucatan, Mexico
Dr. Jörg Peters, RWI Leibniz Institute for Economic Reasearch, Germany
Verena Brinkmann - EnDev
Dr. Chrsitoph Messinger - EnDev
Dr. N K Labhsetwar, Chief Scientist, National Environmental Engineering Research Institute , India
Ana Laura Morales, UNAM
Svati Bhogle, TIDE, India
​Siddarth D'Souza, LAYA, India
Mbumba Chigalu, National Cookstove Steering Committee, Malawi
Niall Roche, Ireland
Dr. Candela de la Sota Sández, Spain
Dr Enrique Riegelhaupt, Bioenergy Network Mexico
Dr Kranthi Jonnalagadda, Cranfield Univeristy, UK
Dr Andrew Grieshop, North Carolina State University, USA
Dr Astrid Schilmann, National Institute of Public Health, Mexico
Tony Blake, Australia
Dr Veena Joshi, India
Katie Mahon, Ireland
Fiona Lambe, Stockholm Environment Institute, Sweden
​Ronald Ngwira, Pyxus Agriculture Ltd., Malawi
Dr. Mike Clifford, University of Nottingham, UK
Dr. Moliehi Shale, Lesotho
Dr. Rob Bailis, Stockholm Environment Institute, USA
Dr. Gabriel Castañeda Nolasco, National Lab for Housing & Sustainable Communities, Mexico
Senator Alice Mary Higgins, Ireland
Dr Nicholas Lam, Schatz Energy Research Center, USA
​Henderson Mawera, Malawi
Victor Cordero, Peru
Carlos Vargas, El Salvador
Dr. Marc Jeuland, Duke University
Paul Quigley, Ireland
Sergio Torres Morales, DUMAC, Mexico
Julien Jacquot, GERES, Belgium
Anake Goodall, University of Canterbury, New Zealand | Aotearoa
Gustavo Peña, El Salvador
Antonio Lecuona, Spain
Joseph Senyo Kwashie, Ghana
Ylva Kuerten, EnDev, Liberia
Konjit Negessu, Ethiopia
Euberto Licayan, Philippines
Prof Charles Spillane, Ireland
Dr. Carsten Hellpap, Germany
Wyatt Mark Champion, USA


Dr Veena Joshi, India

I commit to creating multiple options for clean cooking energy


Desalegn Getaneh, Gaia Ethiopia

We commit to making clean energy alternatives accessable and affordable to people of low income.

SMITH_Marilyn_2020.06 (2) (1).jpg

We commit to carry out reporting on the clean cooking challenge, to raise awareness of the problem, highlight solutions and build community among individuals and actors.

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